Physical education

Sport and Moviment

Advise the practice of sports, as a means of promoting the sports inclusion of children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability, stimulating the conditions of learning, citizenship and formation of values.


Emotions Workshop

Help children and adolescents to broaden their understanding of themselves, to develop their ability to relate to other people, make decisions and find paths to daily and future challenges.


Cooking Studio

To provide children and adolescents contact with foods of various nutritional values, experiencing situations that allow acquiring and expanding the notion of quantity and measurement in a contextualized way, and appropriating a specific vocabulary related to the theme of culinary.


Young Entrepreneur

Promote entrepreneurial behavior within adolescents as a way to improve self-esteem and stimulate collective thinking about new possibilities, through practical and reflective activities that articulate citizenship, solidarity and sustainability.

Arts: Culture and Movement

To use artistic, cultural and body language as a tool capable of awakening in children and adolescents a taste for art.


Game Workshop

To enable the children to develop mechanisms that optimize the performance of mental, motor and sensory abilities, logical reasoning, stimulation of the process of creativity and the construction of concepts.



To provide children and adolescents in vulnerable situations access to a second language, enabling their contact with other cultures and expanding their cultural background in order to impact the improvement of their self-esteem and development of opportunities.


Reading Workshop

Develop skills related to reading and interpretation stimulating the taste for reading in children and adolescents, expanding their linguistic and cultural knowledge, in order to enable the formation of readers trained to move through the reading practices of our society.



To present the basic fundamentals of the functioning of analog and digital photography to children and adolescents and to trace an overview of the use of photography as a means of expression and information.