Transforming the future of needy children with love.

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Our goals

iDedicar has solid and clear goals

Changing the future of children aged 7 to 12 in social crisis.

Working with different projects bringing a change in perspectives.

Provide freely cultural and human development.

Provide safe and comfortable facilities.

Build trust with parents who will be able to work full time.

Provide additional services to society for the preservation of the project.

Make the name iDedicar known and a synonym of love for others.

What's happening...

By purchasing any product from iDedicar Kitchen you will be contributing and giving more opportunities to our children.

Coming soon…

April 28th – Afternoon with pastel and Bingo

May 28th – Ferijoada iDedicar

With much love, we welcome the kids.


help with furniture

help with furniture

Vinylic Floor and computer donation

help with furniture


Water dispenser donation

How to help

Becoming an iDedicar Volunteer

iDedicar needs voluntary help, come and be part of our team.

Being a volunteer is not only positively impacting other people’s lives, but it also helps to give a healthy boost to your self-esteem and natural sense of accomplishment.


Help iDedicar financially, every donation is directly used in the learning of the children served.

INSTITUTO DEDICAR – CNPJ 41.773.205/0001-97


AGENCY 395 – ACCOUNT 32795-6

IBAN CODE BR88 6074 6948 0039 5000 0327 956C 1

Contact us.

email: idedicar@idedicar.org.br

phone: +55 12 3354-6785 / +55 12 99708-1163

Others Donations

  • Books;
  • School supplies;
  • Clothes and fabrics that can be used by children or sent to their families;
  • Toys and games that are in good condition, among others.

Items that are no longer used in your home can make a difference to our children.

Come and live this Dream With Us

"Helping others is much more than a sign of Love, it is the action of providing a better future for children"

Transforming the future of needy children with love.