About us


Transforming the future of needy children with love.


Promote opportunities for children in need with cultural and human development.


Love – Practice and encourage love in all situations.
Dedication – Dedicate yourself entirely to the good of others.
Perseverance – Do not give up in the face of obstacles, even the most difficult ones.
Hope – A better future can exist for anyone.

iDedicar History

The Dedicar Institute, also called iDedicar, was founded on December 20, 2020, by a group of nine people who legitimized with unequivocal science the Foundation Minutes of the respective organization constituted as a non-profit association and legal entity .

iDedicar is a CSO – Civil Society Organization that seeks to create the possibility of lovingly transforming the future of underprivileged children through social integration, educational and cultural development, considering their physical, intellectual, emotional and moral capacities. The association maintains the principle of acting to promote dignified conditions for survival and citizenship, with a focus on improving the quality of life of individuals living in a state of social vulnerability.

We are an association that welcomes, instructs and encourages vulnerable children and adolescents and their respective families, strengthening social bonds through our projects that build and develop the social, cultural and educational repertoire of those assisted.

Through articulated, planned and intentional actions, the entity works to strengthen family bonds, and to overcome situations of social fragility experienced, contributing to the prevention and reduction of risk situations, with daily care for children aged 7 to 12 years old, after school, extending, therefore, this service to their families.

To achieve its master purpose, iDedicar proposes to develop a social assistance program aimed at serving families living in the Municipality of Jacareí, through potential direct assistance to children and adolescents, involving family monitoring, income generation, social inclusion and digital, psychological and socio-emotional care, professional qualification, workshops, in addition to actions aimed at the distribution of food, school supplies, clothing, among other actions.

iDedicar, as an association for the defense of social rights, carries out a set of activities such as contribution to regular education, as well as physical and sports activities, art and culture, reading, languages, music, dance, games workshop and entrepreneurial and environmental projects , having as its guiding principle the Building Values ​​Program, which has as its central proposal the consolidation of multiple ethical values ​​while collaborating in the transformation of the future of children and adolescents in a state of social vulnerability.


With 632sqm built area, iDedicar offers a safe environment for children.

Several rooms with ample physical space, welcoming environments and suitable for the development of various activities.

Kitchen equipped to provide balanced and quality food.

Dance rooms, music, library, nursery, computer room.

Air fresh and well-lit rooms, providing more comfort for children.

Rainwater reuse system, ecological facilities.


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